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The family pet is normally a dog and a very large percentage of family pets are well behaved and cause no problems. A major cause for concern, however, is that some owners acquire ‘guard dogs’ and train them to attack, or fail to train them at all. In this siege mentality owners hope that the guard dog will automatically know how to distinguish between friend and foe and how to react to either.

Unfortunately South Africa has the highest level of deaths due to dog attacks in the world relative to population. And what is worse the figures are steady going up on a year to year basis. The figures for those injured in dog attacks are similarly frightening.

In South Africa, most victims of dog bite attacks are unfortunately children. If you or one of your family suffers an injury or harm from a dog bite then pick up the telephone and Call For A Free Consultation on 087 550 2839  your Dog bite attorney immediately for a free no obligation consultation on getting dog bite compensation.

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You should be aware that dog bite claims can be brought on the following grounds:

  • Negligence by the owner of a tamed animal
  • If the animal acted in a vicious way or from an internal excitement that is contrary to the nature of that animal.

When an out of control dog causes injury or harm to you or one of your family there may be a claim for compensation against the owner of the animal if it can be proven that the owner has been negligent so that if this is your case then contact us your Dog bite lawyer immediately on 087 550 2839 for a free no obligation consultation.

It is therefore very important for you both to identify the owner of the animal and to be able to put in writing the sequence of events and exactly what happened.

If you have been bitten by a dog or any other animal you can claim compensation for their hospital and or treatment expenses actually incurred, as well as those likely to be incurred in future.

It is also possible that you could claim general damages for pain and suffering, and any lost income suffered or likely to be suffered in the future.

The claiming of compensation for a dog bite injury is very more complex than you might imagine and a significant amount of time and energy needs to be put into each claim as proving;

  • The ownership of the animal involved
  • The identity of the animal that caused the injury or harm
  • Whether or not the owner of the animal has either the means to pay the compensation or not or has adequate insurance to pay any award of compensation.

If the attack happened on private property then a “Pauparian” action applies to the claim. A Pauparian action means that even if the owner is not proved to be negligent, you can still claim compensation on the basis that the animal acted contrary to the nature of its breed or species. The onus is then put firmly on the owner of the animal to prove that his dog was either provoked or was defending itself when the attack occurred.

Dog bite claims are far from straight forward and if have suffered a dog bite then give us a call to us your Dog bite attorneys on 087 550 2839 without obligation to discuss your situation.

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